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We increase the possibility of unique and challenging
metal bending work.

In the field processing by hemming technology, our technology is held in high regard. By combining two or more processes into one, we assist our customers in improving their working efficiency, productivity, as well as product quality. We also manufacture metallic molds, conveyance machines and various other production equipment to fulfill our customers' needs.

Compared to conventional press hemming, Shinkofs Servomotor T hemming is much smaller in terms of size and weight.
In addition, Shinkohfs considerable experience in hemming and its patented unique mechanism help you to increase your productivity and save your capital and running cost.

Shinkohfs latest hemming system adopts robots and patented outer panels holding system. With Shinkohfs patented vacuum system, it is assured that the outer panels are completely fixed while they are hemmed. In addition to promissing high accurate hemming, Shinkofs robotic roller hemming will reduce tact time by 1/2.

Since the press hemming system was developed in 1970s, the system has been mainstream for hemming process so far. Pre-hemming link unit, developed by Shinkoh, has been standard for press hemming.

Using 3D CAD/CAE, Shinkoh provides full turnkey system.Especially in the area of automotive closure manufacturing, Shinkoh offers highly advanced flexible line concept along with hemming system.


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