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- Feature -

Compared to conventional press hemming systems, Shinkohfs Servomotor Table Top Hemmingsystem is much smaller in terms of the size and the weight.
It contributes to save your work space and eliminate foundation construction and heavy equipment. As a result, your overall costs of installation may be reduced.
You will see high quality and high precision by best suited processing methods and customized specifications.
With Shinkohfs accumulated know|how for hemming systems and patented unique mechanism, it can be assured that high accuracy of products and allows you to set process angle freely. Since Shinkohfs servomotor table top hemmingsystems are standardized, you can reuse them by renewing a lower die, a pre- bending tool, and a final-bending tool.

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@SHINKOH T-TOP SERVO HEM Mechanisms and Features
By adopting gX-gun mechanismh,which press a hemming bed and a part togther, the force of repulsion in the unit can be reduced. As a result, the Shinkohfs T-TOP Servo machine could be smaller. In addition, it can be possible to choose the best process direction by combining with slide units.
By adopting toggle link mechanism, you can earn bigger power on the part surface with smaller power source.
By adopting parallell link mechanism, it can be possilbe to have either equaling or surpassing process output compared to press hemming.
By adopting servomotors/ball screws, you can control process speed, location, and torque on each process area.

@Advantages for Automotive Industries
Lower facility investment cost
Flexible facility planning can be possible with your planned production tact, quality, space, materials, press.

Saving floor space
Multi types of vehicle production can be possible by saving on space.

Reducing facility installation cost
No need to use heavy equipment by reducing machine size and weight.
Eliminating foundation construction
No need for special installation works such as drilling because the machine does not cause a vibration.
Clearer view at plant
Smaller machines contribute clear view in the work area and help your productivity improvement. Moreover, it contributes to prevent work-related accidents.
Possible to start production at different places same time
With servomotor control system, teaching robot became very simple. As a result, it may shorten your trial schedule.
Energy efficiency
Electrical power cost can be reduced 94% compared to press hemming.
Shinkoh machines are standarized and can be reused. As a reuslt, you can save life cycle cost.
Technology diversion
Your know-how from long experiences with press hemming, such as flange dimension or standard process concepts, can be implanted for Shinkohfs Servomotor hemming system.
Saving trial panel cost
Trial cost for panels can be reduced 50% (compared to conventional methods.)
Quiet in operation
Compared to the press hemming, noise from servomotor hemming is much lower. Reducing noise level gives workers friendly work environment.
Flexible Line Compliant
It is good for low to medium volume production demands.
No need for on-site realignment by perfect quality adustment at Shinko plant.


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