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- Feature -

Compared to press hemming system, Shinkohfs roller hemming system has more general versatilities and it reduces the costs for model changes.
Therefore, it is suitable for low to medium volume production.
In terms of the speed, which has been one of the difficulties for the roller hemming, Shinkohfs roller hemming system is approximately 1.7 to 2.0 times faster than competitor's robotic roller hemming system.

Using vacuum unit and high-speed roller head they provide the quality of results.
In addition, robot teaching, which used to be one of the difficult points for robot use, was eliminated for our robot roller hemming. You can set the program off-line.

Shinkoh has a licence agreement with
Modern Body Engneering Corp., in the USA


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@Outer panel holding.
@The most important factor for the roller hemming.
  Vacuum unit, which is installed in a lower die, fixes outer panels by its vacuum force.

By holding outer panels, bending work time can be faster 1.7 to 2.0times.

For hemming process, inner pad and location pin donft move so it assures precise location of outer panels before processing.
vacuum units

@High speed roller head
  Roller head bending tool enables shorter tact time and it does not give unfair load.

Roller head has spring and the spring is controlled by robot teaching.
As a result, it assure quality within possible range.

By putting a cornor bending head beside a roller tool, accurate production can be possible.

@Advantages for Automotive Industories.
Shorter cycle time (1.7times faster than competitors)
By fixing an outer panl with a vacume unit, pre-hemming and final-hemming can be performed in two steps.
In addition, you can start hemming process from any points since the outer panel is fixed. Since all outer guides are unclamped for vending process, interlock between robot and machines is not necessary and it contoributes to shorten tact time.
Because of simple hemming head shape, fewer interlocks between each robots are needed.

Suitable for multi robot manufacturer/robot size
Since a process head tool is set on the center of six-axis flange, there is no unfair load on fifth and fourth axis (radial load only) . As a result, lighter weight robot is available.

Easy teaching
Since a lower die is fixed, robot teaching can be done without difficulties. (You need gsynchro controlh for competitorfs products so only manufactures can teach robots.) By setting on CAD, you can share technology, such as bending angle, speed, and so on.
Cornor area process
Special cornor is attached with the side of a process head tool. By using special type of head, fine adjustment is possible. Since there is no process on the roller, life of rollers can be 2 to 3times longer.
High quality
By fixing an outer panel with inner pad/location pin, high accurate hemming is promised. Fixed lower die helps to stable repeat accuracy. (For competitorfs, inner pin go out of alignment when bending process so the location of outer and inner are varied.
Simple structure and control
Because of the simple structure, machine mentenance can be done easily.
Lower cost
Because a lower die is fixed, you can save capital cost. Compared to press hemming, running cost can be saved, too.
Variety correspondence
Because of easy changing system, random production at small work area is possible.


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