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Since the press heming system was developed in Japan in 1970s, the system has been mainstream for hemming process because of its high accuracy.
For long history of the press hemming system, automotive companies has experienced engineers so maintenance can be done by them relatively-easily.
Shinko has been developing the number of technics based on Company Chairman. Miura (former president)’s 45 years experience in the hemming.
Sinko developed pre-hemming link unit and it has been standard for automotive industry.

〔Press hemming history for Mr. Miura〕

Developed simplified press system.(80t)

Developed two-column press system (100t)

Developed four-column press system. This has been standard for press hemming system until now.

Developed Low and High pressure switching system. It shorten production speed with lower cost.

Developed die change system

Shinko has long history of press hemming and can offer lower cost and higher quality machines.


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